Caring For the Environment

Energy Management

  • AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) was awarded the “Class of Good” Energywi$e Label of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE). What's more, AsiaWorld-Expo was named as one of Hong Kong’s top three most energy-saving organizations by the Energywi$e Label. To achieve this honour, the venue beat over 300 other organizations in a wide range of sectors such as financial services, manufacturing, property management, retail and trading, transport and logistics.

  • To minimise energy consumption, AsiaWorld-Expo uses Solar Control Film on its skylights, which effectively reduces indoor temperatures by 2-3C on sunny days. Independent lighting zones further enable energy savings by allowing lights to be used only when needed. The venue likewise uses Water-cooled Chillers, Thermal Storage Plant and Air Handling Units to optimise the operational efficiency of the air-conditioning system.

  • In recognition of the venue’s achievement on carbon footprint reduction, AsiaWorld-Expo has been awarded the CarbonCare® Label accredited by CarbonCare InnoLab and Carbon Care Asia.

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Kenneth Chui, Director of F&B and Housekeeping, received the CarbonCare® Label certificate on behalf of AWE from Professor Peter Mathieson. 


  • AsiaWorld-Expo has been participating in the Dim It and No Car Day organised by Friends of the Earth, supporting the energy conservation and carbon reduction initiative, and the Earth Hour campaigns organised by WWF Hong Kong to switch off the lights in the venue. , AsiaWorld-Expo proudly took a proactive role in promoting environmental awareness among employees, customers and the public.

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Air Quality

AsiaWorld-Expo is certified as having ‘Good Class’ air quality in all of its exhibition halls and AsiaWorld-Expo Management Office under the Government’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification Scheme. Demonstrating the commitment in IAQ improvement programmes, AsiaWorld-Expo also joins the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence Programme (IAQwi$e Label). This voluntary scheme encourages IAQ excellence in management practices, and helps publicise the issues of air quality.

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Waste Management

  • In a venue the size of AsiaWorld-Expo, proper waste management is a critical issue. To promote eco-friendly operations, the venue has a comprehensive waste recycling programme, including an assigned recycling contractor and specific recycling targets.

  • In recognition of its efforts to meet specific recycling targets, AsiaWorld-Expo is awarded the “Class of Excellence” Wastewi$e Label under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) programme.

  • The large-scale kitchens at AsiaWorld-Expo also promote safe and environmentally-friendly waste management through recycling programme for different recyclable items, such as cooking oil, paper, cans, plastic, etc.

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  • From September 2011, the venue’s recycling scope has further extended to Wood Waste and Food Waste, all of which are groundbreaking new initiatives in Hong Kong’s Exhibition and Convention venues.

  • AsiaWorld-Expo was the first venue in Hong Kong’s MICE industry to start recycling Food Waste. Since 2011, over 535 tonnes of food scraps from banquets and catering events have been recycled and bio-technically transformed into animal feed.​      

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  • To sustain the eco-friendly momentum, AsiaWorld-Expo introduced a series of landmark initiatives, including the launch of innovative “Ocean-Friendly Menu” and “CarbonCare Menu”. To protect the ocean’s ecological diversity, AsiaWorld-Expo offers customised menus using seafood from sustainable sources according to WWF-Hong Kong’s Seafood Guide. An alternative to the Ocean-Friendly Menu is AsiaWorld-Expo’s CarbonCare Menu in which ingredients are sourced and prepared in energy-saving methods to minimise carbon footprint. AsiaWorld-Expo team successfully engaged with event organisers to fulfill social responsibility in a collaborative way. For example, A  Chinese banquet with some 200 tables adopted the Green Menu within a month following the promotional campaign, showcasing clients’ support to AsiaWorld-Expo’s innovative catering services.

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  • To encourage customers to go extra miles in reducing the carbon footprint of their events, AsiaWorld-Expo is pleased to partner with one of Hong Kong’s top carbon consultants, which now offers event organisers a tailor-made package of carbon-reduction services based on international protocols and the highest carbon-management standards. These carbon offset projects include Afforestation, Reforestation and the Operation of Wind Farms in Mainland China.
  • To ensure a greener environment for today and tomorrow, AsiaWorld-Expo has planted hundreds of trees in its marshalling area, and uses many indoor plants to ensure a high green area ratio.