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Cleaning and Waste Management Services Agreement (C016/24)

AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited (“AWEM”) hereby invites tenders from interested organisation(s) with proven experience and capability to express interest in subject tender at AsiaWorld-Expo (“AWE”), Hong Kong International Airport.
Scope of Services:
Scope of services shall include but not limited to the followings:
  1. Fixed commitment of thirty-two (32) nos. of manpower including site manager, assistant manager, supervisors, foreman, technical janitors, toilet janitors, janitors and waste collector  to provide round-the-clock venue cleaning and waste management services (“Core Cleaning Services”);
  2. Provision of additional manpower for cleaning and waste management services to support AWE events including but not limited to concerts, exhibitions, conferences and banquets, etc. on needed basis (“Event Cleaning Services”); and
  3. Provision of unscheduled ad-hoc cleaning services (“Unscheduled Cleaning Services”).
Collection of Tender Document:
Interested organisation(s) are required to express their interest by email to on their company letterhead, providing the name, address, telephone number, name and position of their contact person and the contact email address. 
For those qualified candidates, Tender documents at a fee of HK$500 (non-refundable) payable to “AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited” will be available for collection upon submission of a duly signed Confidentiality Undertaking in the form provided by AWEM. 
Submission of Tender:
Tenders must be delivered to AWEM Tender Box not later than 3:00pm on 19 July 2024 (Hong Kong time).  Late submissions will not be accepted.

For further information, please contact Procurement Department (Tendering) at tel: (852) 3606 8888 or send email to