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Over the past three years, Charlie Puth has proven himself commercially with the extraordinary success of four multi-platinum hits, “One Call Away,” “Marvin Gaye,” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” from his platinum-selling, Top 10 debut album Nine Track Mind, as well as his breakout hit “See You Again” — the best-selling song of 2015 worldwide that spent 12 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100, earned him three Grammy nominations (including Song of the Year), a Golden Globe nomination, and 9x-platinum certification in the U.S. But the New Jersey-born singer, songwriter, musician, and producer was also eager to prove himself artistically when it came time to make his second album, Voicenotes, named after the trusty iPhone app he uses to collect his musical ideas. Puth co-wrote every song and recorded and produced the album entirely himself (barring one song he co-produced with Max Martin) mainly at his home studio in Los Angeles.

On the lyrical front, Voicenotes is an album that is largely about Puth’s struggle to find a normal relationship when his own life has hardly been normal since finding multiplatinum success, and the anxiety that pursuit has induced. “I wanted it to be a story of my travels from the East Coast to the West Coast and how my growing fame has affected my mind in good and bad ways,” he says. The first three singles — “Attention,” “How Long,” and “Done For Me” featuring Kehlani — cover that territory.

Audiences have embraced Puth’s bold new direction. “Attention,” which the New York Times pop critic Jon Caramanica listed fourth on his year-end list of “Best Songs of 2017,” climbed to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 (Puth’s highest-charting single as a solo artist), hit No. 1 on both the Top 40 and Hot AC radio charts, and his been certified double-platinum, while the funky, cheating-ex song “How Long“ hit No. 3 at Top 40 radio and has been certified platinum.

For all of his success, Puth still sees himself as the kid from Rumson who played organ in church and made mixtapes for the girls at school. “I still have the same deep infatuation with chord changes, girls, and food,” he says. “Nothing’s really changed. I still find myself to be a pretty humble guy. Every room I walk into I think I’m the worst songwriter and I have to prove myself. But it’s because of that that I get better.”




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  • 所有觀眾須佩戴保安檢測手帶,以助場館監察人流及應對緊急情況;
  • 如需再次進場,請向保安人員出示入場證明,當天演唱會門票正本和手帶,以茲識別。觀眾必須同時持有所提及的三種證明方可再次入場。亞洲國際博覽館有權增刪及更換該權利。





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*購票「CHARLIE PUTH VOICENOTES TOUR」VIP $1488 門票的客戶可毋需依照確認電郵內的序號依次序進場,但必須遵重由演出場地及主辦單位發出的指示安排進場。



VIP 企位: $1488

企位: $888 / $588

*VIP Includes exclusive access to an intimate pre-show performance with Charlie Puth and priority entry to the show.


(門票將於2018年6月29日 上午10時正起公開發售): 
門票現于快達票公開發售 (包括快達票票房、D‧Park愉景新城、K11 Select及通利琴行)。觀眾亦可致電售票熱線(852)31 288 288,或於網上訂票



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  • 基於安全理由,場館範圍內不准攜帶「自拍棒」;
  • 企位觀眾年齡限制: 只限12歲或以上及身高140cm或以上;
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  • 不准發放煙花、煙火、及使用激光儀器。
  • 嚴禁炒賣門票。



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