International Motor Show Hong Kong

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2019年12月14 - 19 ( 星期六 - 星期四)


Times are changing, and at a much faster pace than ever before. The automobile has allowed people to live, work and play in ways that were unimaginable a century ago.

Automobiles are a liberating technology for people around the world – a symbol of personal growth and development. During this generation people began to take more pride in their vehicles than ever before. Some people wanted the fastest car and some wanted the prettiest. Car innovators looked for small details of a car that would possible make the passengers feel more comfortable and safe.

Hong Kong, where the city’s landscape was also affected by the automobile. With nearly 750,000 licensed vehicles, a 35 percent increase over the past decade, the auto industry has reshaped our society.

IMS Hong Kong 2019, the first ever International Motor Show in Hong Kong, for showcasing production cars to concept cars, is about mobility, technology and connectivity.




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2019年 4月18日