亞洲國際博覽館 Runway 11 (11號展館)

營造時尚品味 公司活動首選

Runway 11設計充滿時尚風格,感覺別緻舒適,佔地4,400平方米的空間採用無柱式設計,全面地毯覆蓋,更配備充滿格調的私人活動前廳,最適合舉辦各類招待700至3,800名賓客的主題活動,包括酒會、產品發佈會、慶祝派對、時裝表演及會議等。富有現代感的會場設計及先進的智能燈光系統更可為各類主題活動營造獨特氣氛。


Runway 11提供一系列支援服務,可全面配合各式場地設計及方便營造多樣化風格, 一站式服務不假外求。


  • 一次性的搭建

  • 舞台(44'x 32'x 4')
  • 兩套銀幕(20'x 15')
  • 兩部投影機
  • 講台
  • 8套有線咪及2套無線咪 (會議組合)
  • 6套有線咪及2套無線咪 (Dynamic package)

  • 可調節光暗之基本會議燈光及舞台射燈
  • 基本會議音響系統
  • 影音技術人員現場支援
  • 帷幕以作場館間隔之用
  • 場館地氈
  • 會議室以供備用
  • 進場 / 離場期間的通風系統設施,活動日的空氣調節設施


組合 最多容納人數(劇院式座位佈置)
組合一 2,000人
組合二 2,800人
組合三 3,800人



最多容納人數 (會議及宴會座位佈置)






The townhall took place at AsiaWorld-Expo's newest conference and function hall, Runway 11 and we have received great feedbacks from the participants regarding the hospitality and venue arrangement. Runway 11 itself is ideal for such kind of corporate function, and we are really glad that we have chosen AWE to be our venue partner so that we can free our mind to focus on other event details and leave the venue and F&B arrangement to AWE. Without the dedicated and professional support of AWE team, the event would not have been as successful as it is now. The team has not just provided the necessary services for our forum but also go an extra mile to provide us with value-added advice and support so that we can make the forum an even better event!

- HSBC Insurance (Asia-Pacific) Holdings Limited

The venue’s theme and design provided the perfect setting and offered exactly the right ambience for our press conference. Complemented with its easy accessibility, our event successfully attracted a large number of attendants.

- Hong Kong Airlines Limited

Runway 11 combined style and comfort perfectly in a venue that was really conveniently located for all our guests. We're delighted to have been the first organisation to enjoy this newly refurbished venue and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for any corporate looking for style, service and excellent food.

- Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited




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2019年 8月19日