Corporate Social Responsibility

AsiaWorld-Expo, upholding the continued commitments to our society, is devoted to social responsibility in our business operations by striving for the prosperity and sustainability of the communities in which we operate and, at all times, respecting the environment which we share.

Caring for the Community

AsiaWorld-Expo is proud to be a proactive member of the community in promoting the economic and community development on Lantau for the benefits of local residents. AsiaWorld-Expo engages in a wide range of initiatives to support local activities, provide job opportunities, and provide assistance to vulnerable members of society. Since 2007, AsiaWorld-Expo has been recognised as a “Caring Company”. In 2009, it also received an “Outstanding Partnership Project Award”, the highest honour of its kind, in recognition of its pioneering community work. In 2017, AsiaWorld-Expo has been further accredited the "10 Years Plus Caring Company Logo" which endorsed its long-term commitment over the past years. With the tireless efforts dedicated in creating a barrier-free environment and culture at our venue, AsiaWorld-Expo is also recognised on the “List of Barrier-free Companies”.

Our dedication to community support is expressed in three key ways: understanding community needs, identifying community partners, and building mutually sustainable relationships.

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Caring for the Environment

The environment is a precious resource which we all have a responsibility to safeguard for future generations. As an industry leader, AsiaWorld-Expo is committed to the very highest standards of eco-friendly operations, and dedicates significant resources to setting an example that the entire exhibition industry can follow. AsiaWorld-Expo was among the first batch of organisations awarded with the “Green Organisation Label” under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE), organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) in association with the Environmental Protection Department.

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Innovative Green Venue for Sustainable Development

AsiaWorld-Expo will continue to participate in carbon management programmes initiated by Airport Authority Hong Kong, and committed to reducing the carbon intensity by 10% from 2015’s level by 2020.

Indeed, AsiaWorld-Expo strives to apply green considerations to every aspect of its business, and has received awards in recognition of its efforts. For instance, AsiaWorld-Expo was awarded Carbon"less" 18% Certificate of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) in 2012. AsiaWorld-Expo has also achieved "Level 1 Carbon Reduction" for 2010, representing a 5%-20% reduction in carbon emissions in accordance with the CarbonCare® Label Protocol which is certified by Carbon Care Asia Limited.

On a day-to-day basis, this commitment to environmentally-friendly operations is expressed in four key aspects: energy management, air quality, waste management and ecology.

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