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Caring for the Community

At AsiaWorld-Expo, we care deeply about supporting the community we serve. We constantly strive to understand where there are needs and then work with appropriate partners to help. Our ceaseless efforts have been recognised with the  "10 Years Plus Caring Company Logo" by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Embracing Social Inclusion

Among our many initiatives to support the community, we provide extensive training and employment opportunities. For example, we launched the Multi-dimensional Event Services Programme in association with Bright Services, a Social Enterprise of the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (SRACP) to help the unemployed and ex-offenders reintegrate into society and rebuild their self-esteem. We have been honoured to receive the Benevolent Employers of Rehabilitated Offenders Award, organised by SRACP, every year since 2012.

Supporting Youth Development

Young people are our future, and at AsiaWorld-Expo we work closely with schools and institutions on sustainable youth development programmes. We offer student seminars and site visits to youngsters to broaden their horizons with practical experience. We also run university internship programmes, and talent-matching and work placement schemes for young people to encourage them to consider the MICE industry as a career.

Lantau Community Development

As AsiaWorld-Expo is based on Lantau Island, we are keen to contribute to the development of the island. To this end, other than joining various community services in Lantau, we also collaborate with NGOs and event organisers and invite the elderly and underprivileged families in the community to enjoy events at AWE, such as Nature Fun x Happy Farm, to spread happiness, and broaden the experiences of children.

Charitable Donations and Sponsorship

Working together and helping each other is a core tenet of our corporate culture. So it is natural for us to extend this value to those around us. On this front, we support a wide range of local charitable activities including donation campaigns, flag days, and sending seasonal gifts to the underprivileged .As the largest banqueting venue in Hong Kong, in view of the significant demand on catering, we work hard to minimise food wastage and collaborate with Food Angel, the local food bank to donate fresh and uncooked food to the needy.

Way Forward

The rise of the Airport City will drive massive economic development and bring tremendous employment opportunities. As one of the key players in the Airport City, we will continue to share our success and support our community to ensure a sustainable future for us all.