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AsiaWorld-Expo (“AWE”) – House Rules

The AsiaWorld-Expo (“AWE” or “the venue”) is managed by AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited (“AWEM”). All visitors and users of AWE shall comply with and consent to these House Rules as the basis of AWEM’s permission for entry upon AWE.

A. The following are forbidden at the AWE at all times:

  1. Consumption of outside food and/or drink except for food purchased from food & beverage outlets operated or authorized by AWEM;
  2. Bringing along animals except for registered guide dogs or except as specifically and expressly permitted by AWEM on a case-by-case basis.  Visitors or users who are so allowed to bring with them animals should exercise strict control over their animals at all-times.  These animals are to be removed immediately upon the request from any AWEM staff should, in the sole opinion of the staff, they cause any nuisance or create inconvenience in AWE or to other visitors at AWE;
  3. Conduct or behavior causing nuisance to others or causing any safety concerns, in each case in the sole opinion of AWEM;
  4. Employing foul language to the annoyance of any person or behaving in a disorderly manner;
  5. Use of any noise instruments (whether mechanically operated or not) such as megaphones, gas pressure clarions, whistles, drums, gongs, musical instruments, radios with loudspeakers or laser pointers emitting devices ;
  6. Bringing bulky items (as determined by AWEM in its sole opinion) to events or non-collapsible umbrella into standing concerts;
  7. Bringing along any kind of article, object or substance which, in the sole opinion of AWEM, may be used as a weapon or which may be harmful to health, or personal safety, or the safe condition of AWE, such as compressed gas or liquid spray containers, or acidic, flammable, combustible or colouring substances;
  8. Bringing along fireworks, star shells, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnic objects of any kind, including firing devices;
  9. Bringing along helium balloon without AWEM’s prior approval;
  10. Use of skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, scooters and/or any motor vehicles without AWEM’s prior approval;
  11. Any form of, in the sole opinion of AWEM, unauthorized publicity, commercial or otherwise, political propaganda, racist or provocative messages appearing on flags, banners, clothing, accessories or, more generally, on any article or equipment whatsoever worn or used or possessed by AWE’s visitors or users is not permitted1;
  12. Any form of demonstration or acts of protest, or distribution of unauthorized material, or engaging in signature collection campaigns;
  13. Smoking or lighting of cigar, pipe, cigarette, naked flame or e-cigarettes except in the designated smoking area;
  14. Spitting or littering;
  15. Photography, video shooting and/or sound recording of any event at AWE without AWEM’s prior approval except if expressly permitted by the relevant event organizer;
  16. Use of selfie stick or photographic device that in the sole opinion of AWEM cause inconvenience or annoyance to others;
  17. Distributing or selling any goods or services (including but not limited to promotional materials, souvenirs or give-away items) in AWE without prior permission of AWEM;
  18. Selling of event tickets at unauthorized locations;
  19. Obstructing any fire escape route, emergency exit, passageway and access to fire-fighting equipment  including fire hydrant, fire hose reel, fire extinguisher etc.;
  20. Driving any vehicle exceeding the maximum speed limit of 15km per hour on roads within AWE;
  21. Driving any vehicles exceeding the maximum height limit of 4.6m on roads within AWE;
  22. Writing, painting, creating graffiti on or causing damage to buildings, facilities or roads within AWE;
  23. Throwing any object or item that may cause damage to property or injury to any persons;
  24. Unauthorized entry to restricted zones;
  25. Standing on chairs within AWE or bringing along chairs into standing concerts;
  26. Unauthorized use of “walkie-talkie” radio handsets or any form of broadcasting device with radio or electrical signal;
  27. Unauthorized use of any remote-controlled flying devices or toys, e.g. model helicopters, drones;
  28. Entering into or participating in an event, which has an age limit, without meeting the specific age requirement of that event;
  29. Entering into or participating in an event, which has a height limit, without meeting the specific height requirements of that event;
  30. Leaving any goods items at the AWE without attending; and,
  31. Sitting/lying on the floor at any part of the AWE unless the same forms part of the authorized activities held at an event within AWE.

B. AWEM is entitled to immediately evict from AWE any visitor or user who breaches any of these House Rules. Without limiting or prejudicing the foregoing generality of AWEM’s right, AWEM reserves the right to:

  1. Evict or remove any persons who deliberately act contrary to these House Rules from AWE. If a person acts in such a manner that constitutes an offence, he/she will be liable to arrest by the Police;
  2. Intercept or interdict persons who may in the sole opinion of AWEM constitute a threat to safety or good order, including those apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs or those in possession of potentially dangerous items or substances. Such persons may be barred from entry into or evicted from AWE;
  3. Demand any visitor to open his/her bag or parcel for inspection, or to scan the contents therein;
  4. Photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise preserve the image and/or voice of any person at the AWE, and use the same for any purpose associated with the promotion, security, health, safety and/or other purposes deemed necessary or desirable by AWEM in its sole discretion;
  5. Cause the emergency closure of any facilities and/or suspension of services at the AWE and/or restrict the access of any visitor(s) to any or all parts of the AWE as deemed necessary or desirable by AWEM in its sole discretion;
  6. Require any person to stop and/or refrain from any behavior that, in the sole opinion of AWEM, is dangerous, may endanger the safety of other visitors or users, may infringe the rights of any other visitors or users, or may give rise to any possible risk of damage to property at the AWE or of any third party and,
  7. Seek compensation through legal process for costs incurred or damages caused to any property or interruption of events by visitors.

C. To ensure the personal safety and others’ safety in the AWE, visitors are asked to:

  1. Take care of the children or elderly with you or someone in need;
  2. Look after personal property;
  3. Stand still and hold the handrail while using escalators;
  4. Use lift when carrying luggage;
  5. Respect the rights of other visitors and users at the AWE at all times;
  6. Be appropriately attired whilst at the AWE;
  7. Persons present at the AWE shall obey all reasonable instructions of the AWEM staff, security staff, officials and the Police; and ,
  8. Inform AWE staff if you require assistance.

D. AWEM may specify and display additional rules applicable for certain event at the event entrance.  All visitors and users shall comply with and are deemed to consent to these additional rules which shall be construed to be incorporated into these House Rules.

E. To the extent permitted by law, AWEM shall not be liable for any loss or damage to personal properties  caused by third parties.

F. The contents of these House Rules may be amended or supplemented by AWEM at any time without prior notice.

1This shall not apply to the identification of the manufacturer appearing on such clothing, article or equipment concerned, provided that such identification is not marked conspicuously for the purposes of advertising