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10 Oct 2005

AsiaWorld-Expo and Airport Express Station open in December 2005

AsiaWorld-Expo will become operational before the end of the year in Hong Kong. It is the world’s only exhibition and event venue that is fully integrated with an international airport and supported with an in-venue railway station.

Scheduled to open in December, AsiaWorld-Expo is Hong Kong’s newest and largest exhibition and event centre. It offers over 70,000 square metres of state-of-the-art rental space for exhibitions, conventions, meetings and events. Located at the centre of an extensive and efficient air, land and marine transport network which connects Hong Kong to China’s Pearl River Delta and the world’s business capitals. The complex has 10 column-free, high specifications exhibition halls, one of which is a purpose-built entertainment arena which is Hong Kong’s largest indoor seated venue for an audience of 13,500, making it ideal for concerts and large entertainment events.

To-date, an impressive event calendar for 2006 and beyond has been confirmed with leading organisers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe and America hosting exhibitions and functions on a wide variety of themes, including the ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006, the recognised ‘Olympics of International Telecommunications industry’. This is a strong testimony to the achievements of the location and recognition to the outstanding quality of AsiaWorld-Expo.

To better serve the travelling needs of AsiaWorld-Expo exhibitors and visitors, the MTR Airport Express is being extended to a new in-venue station at AsiaWorld-Expo.

Ms Helen Chiu, Chief Commercial Officer of AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited said, “Upon arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport, overseas exhibitors and buyers can take the train from the airport to arrive directly at AsiaWorld-Expo in less than 2 minutes. The Airport Express provides a safe, fast, convenient and comfortable service at a very attractive price.”

Mr. Adi Lau, General Manager-Marketing & Station Business of MTR Corporation, added, “the Airport Express service will be extended to AsiaWorld-Expo, providing exhibitors and visitors convenient access to the venue, and easy connections to all other major destinations in Hong Kong through the Airport Express and the MTR network.”

Mr. Lau continued, “whilst the Airport Express fare structure will apply, an attractive fare will be offered to passengers using Octopus card, taking same-day round-trips and staying for two hours or more at AsiaWorld-Expo.”

A same-day round trip journey to AsiaWorld-Expo from Tsing Yi Station is HK$42 when using Octopus, Kowloon Station is HK$64 and from Hong Kong Station is HK$72. Passengers are also entitled to a free MTR connection to any destinations when they use their Octopus cards to travel on Airport Express. An adult single journey fare from Airport Station to AsiaWorld-Expo station is HK$5.

“Hong Kong has become the Asian hub for major exhibitions and events. We are honoured that our Airport Express service with this attractive package will further enhance the city’s attractiveness and competitiveness among all neighbouring cities,” Mr. Lau added.

“Nowhere in the world can you experience a world class train service that takes you from the doorstep of the arrival hall of an international airport directly to the doorstep of the exhibition halls in such a short time. The MTR railway network connection also helps Airport Express passengers to get access to major destinations in Hong Kong,” added Ms Chiu.

With increase in passenger volume on Airport Express brought about by AsiaWorld-Expo, the existing 7-car Airport Express trains are being progressively converted to 8-car trains starting from this September.

During major exhibitions and events, train services will be further enhanced by deploying more Airport Express trains and larger capacity MTR Tung Chung Line trains to meet adequately any upsurge of passenger demand before and after events.

The new AsiaWorld-Expo Station will be a two-level above-ground structure, with a single platform at ground level and the station concourse on the first level. The concourse will be integrated with AsiaWorld-Expo, thus providing the venue with convenient access to the railway services.

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