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26 May 2005

PCCW and AsiaWorld-Expo team up to provide next-generation IT&T services for global exhibitors and visitors

PCCW-HKT Network Services Limited and AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited, Hong Kong's newest and largest exhibitions and events center, today announced that these two industry leaders have formed a strategic partnership to provide next-generation Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT&T) services to organizers, exhibitors and visitors from around the globe.

In accordance with an exclusive long-term IT&T partnership, PCCW has been appointed the sole IT&T service provider at the new exhibition center and will join hands with AsiaWorld-Expo, Asia's leading global exhibition hub to develop, build, market and provide a comprehensive array of next-generation IT&T services.

“As Hong Kong 's newest exhibitions and events center, AsiaWorld-Expo is dedicated to provide the best services and facilities for our customers. The area of IT&T services is a crucial part of our pledge to offer ultra modern technology and infrastructure. After a long process of evaluating alternative proposals, we concluded that PCCW is the ultimate option for this collaboration as their IT&T solutions are the best in terms of technology and commercial partnership, and will best support our business vision and the requirements of the users of our center” said Mr Nicolas Borit, Chief Executive Officer of AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited.

Ms Marisa Kwok, Managing Director, Commercial Group of PCCW, said, “This partnership marks an important milestone in strengthening Hong Kong 's unrivalled position as the region's exhibition hub .”

Scheduled to open in December 2005, AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong's largest and most advanced exhibition center, will provide more than 70,000 square meters of rentable space for local and international event organizers, exhibitors and visitors. Utilizing PCCW's cutting-edge next-generation IT&T services, AsiaWorld-Expo customers will be able to enjoy an array of world-class, state-of-the-art communications services, including:

  • Asia 's largest indoor 100% coverage of wireless broadband Internet access that allows thousands of exhibitors and visitors to access broadband services simultaneously
  • Unlimited bandwidth to support real-time and high-quality multimedia shows and broadcasts simultaneously for all 10 exhibition halls
  • Cutting-edge IP telephony providing high-quality, highly efficient voice communications
  • Virtual LAN at gigabit bandwidth with over 3,000 Ethernet ports for connectivity anytime and anywhere, supported by a structured cabling system that provides a powerful and efficient infrastructure option
  • Dedicated and redundant onsite telecom exchanges to guarantee 100% availability of all services

The array of next generation IT&T services at AsiaWorld-Expo simply has taken the exhibition industry to a new level. Event organizers in Hong Kong can for the first time allow all their exhibitors to simultaneously order high bandwidth connections, without worrying about a lack of capacity.

In addition, PCCW will provide AsiaWorld-Expo a comprehensive business-IT solution. For instance, for technical-related services, PCCW will provide dedicated resources for the deployment and implementation of network infrastructure, daily operations and on-going support and maintenance services. For business-related issues, PCCW will work closely with AsiaWorld-Expo to develop effective business plans and sales and marketing strategies.

Ms Kwok said that the partnership goes beyond a traditional customer and supplier relationship. “We strive to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and create tailor-made solutions that best fit their business and IT needs. The arrangement with AsiaWorld-Expo is a perfect example of this customer-driven philosophy. We'll work closely with AsiaWorld-Expo to develop and maintain high-quality communication services, while also actively contributing to the business development, sales and marketing activities of those IT&T services,” she said.

PCCW's deliverables to AsiaWorld-Expo will be Asia's most-advanced, first class IT services running on a highly reliable, scalable and cost-effective platform. Designed to ensure the secure and reliable provision of both wired and wireless services with abundant capacity and efficiency for every event, this platform will also provide a dynamic and flexible foundation for the addition of future applications and long-term business growth.


About PCCW

PCCW Limited (SEHK: 0008, ADR-NYSE: PCW) is the largest communications provider in Hong Kong and one of Asia's leading IT&T players. Hong Kong 's image as a center of technology excellence continues to be enhanced by PCCW's innovation, especially in new generation fixed-line telephony, broadband, IT, wireless and delivery of home entertainment. Internationally, PCCW provides cutting-edge technical services to network operators, and enables organizations to bring their business to Asia and take Asian business to the rest of the world. The Company's English name was changed in 2002 from "Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited" to "PCCW Limited".

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