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20 Jun 2007

AsiaWorld-Expo takes the lead to promote health and safety best practices - Occupational Safety Charter Signing Ceremony affirms venue's commitment to excellence -

Asia's leading exhibition and events venue, AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) held a high-profile ceremony on 8 June 2007 to celebrate the signing of its Occupational Safety Charter. The event was attended by representatives of the Labour Department, the Occupational Safety & Health Council and many of AWE's key business partners.

A powerful reminder of AWE's commitment to health and safety best practices, the Occupational Safety Charter reinforces AWE's pioneering position as a world-class environment for business, employment and pleasure.

"AsiaWorld-Expo is the first large-scale exhibition and events venue in Hong Kong to promote the signature of an Occupational Safety Charter together with its key customers and business partners," explained Nicolas Borit, Chief Executive Officer of AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited. "The AWE Occupational Safety Charter brings together employers and employees of AWE, as well as event organisers, service partners and contractors. By enabling better communication and greater collaboration, the Charter will enhance safety awareness and minimize the risk of on-site injuries."

Although the Occupational Safety Charter is not legally binding, it reflects the determination of all signatories to improve occupational safety standards. The implementation of the Charter is also based on the belief that all employees have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment, and that employers have an obligation to provide employees and customers with the best possible experience.

The Government's Occupational Safety Charter has enjoyed widespread support in Hong Kong since its launch in 1996 by the Labour Department and the Occupational Safety & Health Council. Intended to optimize safety, enhance productivity and create a positive work environment, the Charter encourages employers and employees to work together to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment based on a spirit of self-regulation.

In accordance with these Government initiatives, AWE has always been committed to the highest standards of occupational health and safety, working closely with all parties to ensure the highest operational standards. To date, the company has implemented many industry best practices, including well-defined rules that help protect the safety of everyone who works at or visits the 70,000 square metre venue. These are explained in the informative AWE Health & Safety Handbook, a user-friendly guidebook designed to promote a world-class working environment.

Now, by inviting senior management, service partners, organisers and contractors to sign and endorse its new AWE Occupational Safety Charter, AWE further affirms its position as a market leader. It is AWE's hope that all its business partners will also take the initiatives to set up their own safety management systems, thereby inculcating a culture of safety across all workplaces.

"We are excited to already have more than 20 signatory parties to this important new Charter," added Nicolas Borit. "With everyone's continual concerted efforts, we believe this Charter heralds a new era of health and safety excellence, not only here at AWE but also for our entire industry."

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