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28 Sep 2010

The 7th Annual Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference

The 7th Annual Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference is underway with over 1300 delegates coming from 600 cities and 171 countries. The event continues to grow in size and every year more and more delegates from around the world flock to meet face-to-face to discuss business opportunities, new technologies and to simply exchange knowledge sets.

This year has also seen a sharp increase in delegates from the continent of Africa many of which have invested heavily in order to make a strong presence. The African delegates are expecting that the amount of trade between their continent and the world will grow dramatically in the following years. With China being their largest trade partner, it was essential for the independent freight forwarders from Africa to attend the Sino-Conference which gathers so many potential Chinese partners.

Delegates can meet with existing and potential partners from over 170 countries all at one venue. Many have said the savings in dollar amount for not having to travel to various countries is in the hundreds of thousands. More importantly, the savings in time and energy to come to one location and meet everyone at one venue is what makes this event so invaluable. The AsiaWorld-Expo has provided the perfect setting for this yearly event for 3 consecutive years and has always delivered exceptional services and facilities.                     

This year for the first time includes several multinational airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad and others who have come to meet with their clients, the independent forwarders. Bringing such service providers will allow the independents to discuss and negotiate better deals in order to provide their customers with better rates and services.


About WCA Family of Logistic Networks

WCA Family of Logistic Networks comprises more than 3,466 independent forwarder offices in over 698 cities in 170 countries. The WCA Family operates from six Regional Service Centres worldwide: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, Mumbai and Shanghai. Globally, it operates three distinct groups:

  • The world’s leading general freight-forwarding alliances
    o World Cargo Alliance (WCA)
    o Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN)
    o Inter-Global Logistics Network (IGLN)
  • Asia's most important general freight forwarding alliance
    o China Global Logistics Network (CGLN)
  • Alliances of independent logistics experts in specialized areas
    o WCA Projects Network
    o WCA Publishers Logistics Alliance
    o WCA Partnerships

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