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10 Jan 2011

AsiaWorld-Expo wins a high-profile Catering Industry Safety Award

Award scheme organised by the Labour Department and industry stakeholders to promote excellence in safety and health

AsiaWorld-Expo is proud to receive an award in the Catering Industry Safety Award Scheme (2010/2011) organised by the Labour Department. The venue received the Safety Awareness Award in the Catering Establishment, Restaurants (non-Chinese) category in recognition of its awareness of and adherence to the highest standards of work safety.

This important award scheme plays an important role in enhancing the occupational safety and health awareness of employers, employees and stakeholders in the industry. It also aims to inculcate a robust occupational safety and health culture in the industry and among the public, and to award catering establishments, supervisors and workers for good performance in work safety and health.

“We’re honoured to receive this award,” said Mr. H W Lau, Chief Operating Officer, AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited. “Safety is a foremost consideration in every aspect of day-to-day operations at AsiaWorld-Expo. This award not only reflects our commitment to safety, but also our dedication to excellence in everything we do.”

To qualify for the award, AsiaWorld-Expo underwent a preliminary assessment by Occupational Safety Officers from the Labour Department. During this assessment, the inspection team reviewed the physical condition of AsiaWorld-Expo’s kitchens, including such issues as the overall layout, floor conditions, machinery and equipment, and manual lifting and handling.

After being shortlisted for the award, a final assessment took place by representatives from the Labour Department and the Occupational Safety & Health Council. This secondary team also reviewed the physical conditions of the kitchen, as well as the safety management system in place at AsiaWorld-Expo, such as its safety policy, its safety rules and regulations, its safety training, its emergency preparedness, and its promotion of safe work practices.

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