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21 Jul 2011

New environmental initiatives affirm AsiaWorld-Expo’s status as a green venue

Commitment to environmental sustainability reflects the venue’s proactive culture of corporate citizenship and social responsibility

AsiaWorld-Expo, Asia’s leading exhibition, convention and events venue, has always been committed to the prosperity and long-term success of the communities in which it operates.  Since first opening for full operation in 2006, the venue has adhered to strict environmental protocols regarding energy management, indoor air quality, waste management, and tree planting.  Now, AsiaWorld-Expo is pleased to announce more landmark new initiatives: a pioneering new Carbon Reduction Programme, and the launch of ‘Green Menus’ by the venue’s award-winning banqueting team.

Carbon Reduction Programme
Since 2009, AsiaWorld-Expo has developed a carbon reduction strategy that drives energy efficiencies at the venue by following a number of carbon-reduction initiatives,  thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  These include the use of solar control film on skylights, the recycling of paper and plastic bottles, the installation of LED lights where appropriate, and the extensive use of T5 fluorescent lamp which is more environment friendly than the traditional fluorescent lamp, among many others.  Collectively these measures helped AsiaWorld-Expo reduce its carbon emissions by over 1,300 tonnes in 2009 and 2010, the equivalent of planting over 58,200 trees.
In December 2010, AsiaWorld-Expo joined the Hong Kong International Airport Carbon Reduction Pledge, and is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 15% by 2015 from 2008 levels.  To achieve this target, the venue will implement a range of facility enhancement projects and in-house administrative measures, including the launch of new Carbon Reduction Programme.
New initiatives of the Carbon Reduction Programme to be launched shortly include the recycling of other plastic waste, the recycling of food waste and the recycling of wood, which is one of the MICE industry’s principal waste products, as well as the use of induction lighting which enables energy savings of more than 50% compared to metal halide lighting. In the long-term, it is hoped this expanded programme of carbon-reduction initiatives will lay the foundation for the venue to become entirely Carbon Neutral.

Another key aspect of this new programme is that AsiaWorld-Expo will also offer its full support to event organisers who want to reduce or offset the carbon footprint of their events.  Indeed, AsiaWorld-Expo is committed to working hand-in-hand with event organisers and business partners to encourage environmental sustainability.

As part of this collaborative approach to carbon reduction, the venue is pleased to partner with one of Hong Kong’s top carbon consultants, which now offers event organisers at AsiaWorld-Expo a tailor-made package of carbon-reduction services based on international protocols and the highest carbon-management standards.  For event organisers’ peace of mind, the Carbon Offset Projects offered by the consultants are all validated in accordance with the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Green Menus
AsiaWorld-Expo is home to an award-winning F&B banqueting team.  To integrate environmental protection into its banqueting and catering operations, AsiaWorld-Expo has recently launched two ‘Green Menus’ that emphasise environmental and ecological sustainability. 

The CarbonCare Menu is endorsed by Carbon Care Asia as having a reduced carbon footprint.  This is achieved by using local ingredients, which means fewer carbon emissions from delivery and transportation.  The menu also focuses on ingredients that are grown or reared in a low-emission manner, and are cooked in ways that minimise carbon emissions.

The venue’s Ocean-Friendly Menu is likewise endorsed by the WWF - Hong Kong.  Designed to protect the ocean’s ecological diversity, this innovative menu only features seafood from sustainable, WWF-approved sources.

“Environmental awareness is an important part of ethical business,” remarked H.W. Lau, Chief Operating Officer of AsiaWorld-Expo.  “We’ve found that increasing numbers of event organisers and event planners want to make environmental protection an integral feature of their event.  With these new environmental initiatives at AsiaWorld-Expo, it’s easier than ever before for event organisers to host events without compromising their corporate commitment to environmental protection, not only in terms of carbon emissions, but also water conservation, recycling and more.  With the launch of our Green Menus too, AsiaWorld-Expo is once again proving it is a leader in the field of responsible and sustainable business operations.”

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