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27 Sep 2018

Go AWE-Green! Creating a greener future by incentivising mass participation

AsiaWorld-Expo (“AWE”) launched its new “Go AWE-Green” campaign this September to drive mass participation for a better, greener future. As part of its continuous commitment to sustainable initiatives, AWE has gone the extra mile by engaging both the public and its retail partners to help protect the environment.    

Thanks to concerted efforts to maintain its eco-friendly momentum, AWE continues to receive extensive support for its environmental initiatives, which include the food waste recycling and carbon management programmes initiated by Airport Authority Hong Kong, and committed to reducing the carbon intensity by 10% from 2015’s level by 2020. We also promote ocean-friendly menus, in the last six months alone, more than 600 tables of Chinese banquets have adopted sustainable seafood in their menus. In order to minimise food wastage, AWE also collaborates with Food Angel with more than nine tonnes of food donated to support underprivileged members of the community since 2011. Likewise, AWE donates excess meal boxes to NGOs in Tung Chung, with more than 1500 meal boxes donated in 2017 alone.

In addition, AWE has introduced its “Stack-up Cup” promotion at large-scale public events, offering a cash rebate to customers who refill their beer in the same cup, or who return the cup when finished. Encouraged by the overwhelming response to this promotion, AWE is now extending its cash rebate incentive even more widely. During the “Go AWE-Green” promotional period, customers who make a purchase at AWE F&B outlets with their own meal box, cup or cutlery will enjoy a cash discount. For all other customers, AWE has prepared ready-to-use environmentally-friendly take-away meal boxes and cutlery, all of which are made from 100% biodegradable materials.

AWE understands that every small step counts, which is why the venue and its retail partners have implemented a no-straw policy, in addition to its many other green protocols. All retail outlets have now stopped offering plastic straws, and paper straws are available only on request. To further maximise AWE’s environmental credentials, it has also discontinued the sale of plastic bottled beverages at all AWE F&B outlets and vending machines. Instead, new vending machines with reusable cups, bottles and cutlery are now in place to encourage the public to use fewer paper cups and plastic bottles. As part of its journey to becoming an ever-more green venue, AWE is also continuing to set up prominent categorised recycling points for paper, display board, banners, light tubes and more.

Even before encouraging the public to be more environmentally aware, AWE staff have long since embraced a green culture in the workplace. For instance, all staff meals that are not for dine-in are now served in a reusable bento box, and each staff member has been given a personal set of reusable cutlery. AWE also advocates “Green Monday”, which not only features a vegetarian menu, but also treats staff to complimentary fruit to promote a healthy and low-carbon lifestyle.

‘Go AWE-Green’ poster 
The take-away meal boxes and cutlery offered by AWE are made of biodegradable materials
Reusable utensils and water bottles are on sale at AWE F&B outlets and vending machines 

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