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23 Apr 2018

“Road to Ultra” rocks on AsiaWorld-Expo with Comprehensive Security Enhancement

23 April 2018, Hong Kong – Road to Ultra (RTU), one of the world’s hottest premier electronic music festivals, is making its first indoor debut in AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) this June. Putting the community first by combating drug abuse at music event, AWE works closely with related law enforcement to prevent illegal and illicit drug at the event and further enhance venue safety.

Moving from outdoor to indoor, the combined 4 column-free halls and 10m high-ceiling design offers music lovers a cooler multisensory experience with state-of-art audiovisual production, lighting and legendary electronic music artists.

AWE adopts zero-tolerance policy to prevent drug abuse and illegal activities. To offer further protections to concert-goers, Electronic Registration and Admission Security System (ERAS) will be utilized. The real-name authentication system plays an important role in deterring crime and preventing illicit drug activities. It also helps to counter the scourge of scalper tickets. Name change for ticket, resale, scalping or any unauthorized commercial activities will all be forbidden. AWE holds the rights to deny entry for unauthorized ticket holders while only Age 18 or above with ticket purchase via ERAS will be allowed admission to the music event.

At admission points, all patrons are required to present their ticket with their identification document for security checking. Pat-down search may be conducted. Concert-goers are also recommended not to bring bags to avoid bag search and hence enjoy a timely admission. In addition, explosive and narcotics detector is specially deployed to enhance venue safety and combat all incidents of drug abuse. In addition, explosive detection and anti-drug sniffing dogs will be stationed inside the venue.

During RTU, a designated area with drinking water will be offered to those in need. Social worker will also standby in the area to disseminate anti-drug messages. With the enhanced security measures, AWE is confident to present you with a safe and healthy RTU.

Photo1: Real-name authentication applies. Age under 18 is forbidden.   
Photo2: Drug and metal detectors for drug trafficking and crime combat (sample photo provided by security partner). 
Photo 3: Explosive detection and anti-drug sniffing dog will be deployed to safeguard the premise.

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