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02 Dec 2019

AsiaWorld-Expo celebrates the grand opening of NUVA restaurant

Embark on a sensational journey of culinary and artistic pleasures 

NUVA, the new restaurant specializing in Chinese fine dining, has officially opened at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE). With its elegant and artisanal ambience, NUVA offers an unparalleled experience of culinary delicacies, fine wine, and inspirational artworks – all easily accessible at AWE, an award-winning venue for world-class exhibitions, conventions and events. 

NUVA is a modern, high-end restaurant. Under the leadership of its experienced chefs, the menu features nearly 70 authentic Cantonese dishes, including the traditional delicacy of “Baked Barbecued Pork with Thin-sliced Pork Fat and Chicken Liver”, which few restaurants serve anymore due to its complicated cooking method. Another highlight of the NUVA experience is “Deep-fried Squid Mousse Stuffed with Pear”, each of which is skilfully crafted by hand. By blending their rich experience with visionary creativity, the chefs make every dish a delight. One distinctive example is the signature dish of “Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple”, which is made to a secret recipe and served on an icy plate to preserve the meat’s supremely satisfying bite and juiciness. 

Another specialty of NUVA is its extensive collection of wines. To ensure an impeccable dining experience, NUVA’s professional sommelier is available to offer suggestions and recommendations to suit every taste and budget, and can pair wines to every dish on the menu. 

In addition to offering diners constant culinary inspiration, NUVA also provides a sophisticated sensory experience. From its interior design and meticulously curated artworks to its stylish tableware, every element reflects the elegance of contemporary Chinese culture and echoes NUVA’s spectacular 180-degree sea views. The luxurious interior design is themed in champagne gold, with artful touches of greenery to mirror the lush landscape of Lantau Island. This masterpiece ambience is designed by Ronald Lu & Partners, one of Hong Kong’s foremost architectural and interior design firms. 

For its tableware, NUVA selected LEGLE FRANCE – favoured by many royal families – to further enrich the overall experience, and invited artists to specially design porcelain plates that suggest the dreamy lightness of clouds. Together with teapots and teacups from the same brand, this prestigious tableware perfectly embodies NUVA’s ethos of contemporary elegance. 

NUVA will proudly collaborate with various art galleries every quarter to offer diners an ever-changing artistic journey. To celebrate its official launch, NUVA is working with artist Peter Yuill, who grew up in Canada and now works in Hong Kong, to create three artworks. His art illustrates a deep connection to nature and the cosmos, embracing geometry and lines all drawn by hand without the aid of any computer software or compass. NUVA is also honoured to present “Floating Clouds and Flowing Water”, a 10-piece ceramic set created by the acclaimed Taiwanese ceramist Liu Rong-hui, which perfectly captures the ever-changing beauty of clouds. 

Currently, AWE features over 20 catering outlets across its 70,000 square metres of rentable space, bringing every visitor a dazzling array of world-class food and beverage services. NUVA further enriches this excellent retail portfolio, with the added benefit of a VIP room that enables celebrities and business leaders to enjoy the inspirational serenity of NUVA in pampered privacy. 

“To complement our world-class venue facilities, catering services are also essential,” remarked Irene Chan, Chief Executive Officer of AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited. “NUVA is not only a restaurant at AWE, it’s also a new icon of first-class culinary experiences. We warmly invite everyone – locals and visitors, gourmets and art lovers – to come and experience the magic of NUVA.” 

Basic details of NUVA: 
Address Level 2, AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong
Reservation Hotline +852 3606 8818
Opening hours Lunch: 11:30am - 2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm - 9pm
Capacity 130 guests, with one VIP room. Private functions are welcome.
Special features
  • Serene 180-degree sea views
  • Professional and experienced chefs serving signature dishes, including traditional Cantonese delicacies
  • Fully-qualified sommelier to offer pairing suggestions, and recommendations tailored to customers’ individual preferences
  • Luxurious interior design by Ronald Lu & Partners, an award-winning architectural and interior design firm in Hong Kong, and artful tableware by LEGLE FRANCE, a favourite brand of many royal families
  • Quarterly themed cooperation with various art groups to create a uniquely artistic atmosphere
The story of NUVA and its logo
  • NUVA takes its name from the word Nubivagant, which comes from the Latin words “nubes” (cloud) and “vagant” (wandering), to mean wandering in the clouds
  • Inspired by a traditional Chinese knot, which is an age-old symbol of joy and good fortune in Chinese culture, the logo of NUVA embodies the restaurant’s Chinese name (澐) while also representing the timeless beauty of waves and clouds



To download below HD photos as well as more signature dishes, please click on this link

AWE Chairman Chi-Kee Ng (left) and Chief Executive Officer Irene Chan (right) officiated at the opening ceremony of NUVA and visited the VIP room.
NUVA is located on Level 2 of AWE with 180-degree sea views.
The serving team includes a qualified sommelier to offer expert recommendations on pairing food and wine. 
Chef’s recommendations include: Baked Barbecued Pork with Thin-sliced Pork Fat and Chicken Liver (left);
Deep-fried Mousse Stuffed with Pear (right); Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple (please see the hyperlink below).
NUVA will be collaborating with various art galleries every quarter.
The first series of exhibits at NUVA are paintings by Peter Yuill, who has held numerous solo exhibitions, and the work of award-winning Taiwanese ceramist Liu Rong-hui.
NUVA selected the tableware of LEGLE FRANCE – a favourite of royal families – to further enrich the prestigious dining ambience.
To download HD photos of the above-mentioned as well as more signature dishes, please click on this link

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