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05 Jul 2021

AsiaWorld-Expo marks its 15th Anniversary with a mammoth Renovation Project

Spends over HK$600 million on Facility Upgrades spanning more than 70,000 sqm

(Hong Kong, 5 July 2021) To mark its 15th anniversary, AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) has kick-started a HK$600 million venue-wide renovation project that will further enhance the world-class facilities at AWE to offer business partners and visitors a thoroughly renewed experience. In response to the challenges created by the global pandemic, AWE is embracing a new era with the anniversary theme of “Change • Possibilities”. Spanning more than 70,000 sqm, the facility upgrade project will greatly benefit future event organisers, exhibitors, concert performers, public shows visitors and the general public. To ensure there are no disruptions to daily operations during this large-scale infrastructure enhancement programme, the project has started already and is targeted to complete in strategic phases over the coming five years. This massive investment of time and money signifies AWE’s strong belief in a vibrant market recovery, and a new era of inspirational EXPOtainment events.
The project covers three important dimensions, namely hardware upgrades, technology and network advancements, and smart solutions for sanitisation. Together, the completed project will further elevate the venue to position it as one of the world’s most modern and forward-looking destinations, perfectly tailored to the needs of both organisers and visitors.

Hardware Upgrades: Installing Advanced Equipment including New “Retractable Seat Riser System”
A comprehensive hardware upgrade enables greater operational efficiency and turnaround capacity enhancements. A variety of upgrades have been carried out in all ten halls, organiser rooms, backstage, in dining outlets as well as in public circulation areas. From interior design, lighting and AV systems to ventilation, drainage and equipment such as a new Retractable Seat Riser System, this major revamp will usher in a momentous new era of excellence at AWE. Event organisers can have total confidence in the services and facilities at AWE, while visitors and delegates can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment that maximises the event experience.

Technology and Network Advancements: Introducing Wi-Fi 6 (the first in Hong Kong’s MICE industry) and Mobile Studio
Under the pandemic, many events have had to be transformed to online. To serve the increasing trend of “online-offline” hybrid events, AWE is implementing a full-scale upgrade of its ICT network with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), the first in Hong Kong’s MICE industry, offering a four-times better performance in device-dense environments. These superior connections will fully support bandwidth-intensive streaming video and intelligent applications like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing a strong foundation for IoT-based innovation. With the rise of industry-leading 5G mobile network technology, AWE has likewise upgraded its respective facilities to support higher signal stability with ultra-high speed. AWE is also introducing a brand-new hybrid meeting facility, Mobile Studio. This movable premium booth with standalone lighting and power can be installed inside an exhibition area or relocated to any other place to meet flexible hybrid needs. Together, these sophisticated new additions and improvements will ensure visitors can enjoy a highly reliable, seamless and immersive experience.

Smart Solutions for Sanitisation
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, sanitisation and safety assurance have emerged as key issues for event venues worldwide. At AWE, the washrooms in public circulation areas and halls have been renovated in phases, with all handwashing devices in washrooms integrated with an advanced ozone disinfection system which specially treats the water to eliminate viruses and bacteria. This state-of-the-art ozone system has also been installed in the kitchens at AWE, helping to eliminate contamination and chemicals on ingredient surfaces, and keeping hands, containers and facilities clean and sterilised.

In addition to the above-mentioned upgrades, AWE is committed to introducing high-tech solutions which play an important role in helping to reduce the risk posed to frontline staff and visitors, while also reducing labour costs and increasing operational efficiency. A first in the global MICE industry, AWE introduced the three-in-one CLeanTech device, which helps to sanitise visitors and their carried items in just 12 seconds. This installation has now been adapted to a tunnel setting for large-scale crowd admissions. Yet more smart solutions have been implemented throughout the year; for instance, all escalators at AWE now feature built-in UV devices to constantly sanitise handrails. All lifts have likewise been upgraded with touchless buttons, while auto doors are in place to minimise transmission of viruses and bacteria. To enable large-scale sterilisation, intelligent robots are deployed for venue changeover between events. A long-lasting anti-virus coating is also applied to enclosed area surfaces.

“After operating for 15 years, this is a milestone year for us,” remarked Ms Irene Chan, CEO of AWE. “The year’s strategic importance is reflected in our chosen theme of ‘Change • Possibilities’. This is the perfect time to launch a large-scale renovation project, one which will position AWE for the many opportunities that lay ahead. Our extensive facility upgrade programme is an ongoing project bringing superb new value to organisers, while also engaging patrons with rich and rewarding new experiences. Even more enhancements are in the pipeline, ensuring AWE remains at the forefront of the industry, to the benefit of all stakeholders. As we witness the recovery of business markets worldwide, AWE is proud to welcome everyone with a new face and even finer facilities.”

Now fully ready for the return of events, AWE already has an exciting line-up of public shows planned in the months ahead, including the 2021 Hong Kong Brands & Products Shopping Festival, and the Puppy Summer Fun Expo, both of which are debuting at AWE, as well as the long-awaited Music Is Live 2021. With yet more local shows coming hot on their heels, AWE warmly invites everyone to join the fun.

A new era of transformation and revitalisation has begun at AWE. As local and global economies begin to recover, we look forward to connecting and empowering communities from across the region and around the world, helping to drive economic growth for a brighter future.

Photos can be downloaded via this link:

APPENDIX 1: Facility Upgrade

Facility Upgrade and renovation Photos
Hong Kong’s largest indoor seated stadium. With a total floor space of 10,880 sqm, the Arena can accommodate up to 14,000 participants.
  • New “Retractable Seat Riser System” in progress which guarantees professional setting to organisers, and a refreshing, safe and comfortable environment to visitors.
  • Backstage and VIP Lounge will be renovated in phases.
  • Backstage floor area will be expanded with addition of rehearsal and dancing room.
  • All washrooms for audience and performers have been renovated in phases

AsiaWorld-Summit Hong Kong’s largest indoor convention and hospitality hall which can host a 360-table banquet or a conference for up to 5,000 guests.
  • 8,200 sqm carpet and operable partitions are replaced to new color theme, providing an even finer ambience.
  • All washrooms and organiser room will be refurbished by October 2021
  • Ventilation system is upgraded in compliance to the regulatory requirement of catering premises

Runway 11
  • The 4,400 sqm venue is renovated with new carpet and washrooms
  • Ventilation system is upgraded in compliance to the regulatory requirement of catering premises
Meeting and
Located at level 2 of AsiaWorld-Expo, the venue offers flexible rooms for small-to-medium sized conferences.
  • The largest 201 meeting room is fully upgraded with new AV systems and lighting equipment.
  • Carpet, wall fabrics, ceiling decorations are entirely refurbished. Complemented with new sets of furniture, the contemporary interior design infuses elegancy to the professional setting.

  • All washrooms at public circulation area and inside halls are undergoing renovation by stages.
  • Facia of halls and retail outlets, as well as signages are revamped in phases for enhancement on wayfinding
  • The Chinese fine-dining restaurant NUVA was renovated with a brand-new image serving the community all year round.
  • The restaurant is equipped with AV facilities and VIP room, ideally suited for business luncheon and private events.
  • The remarkable décor was spearheaded by Ronald Lu & Partners and won the Gold Award in Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (APDC Award) for Elite, recognising its extraordinary and classy design.

Arena Kitchen
  • The restaurant was transformed to a cozy gathering place with quiet charm and relaxing comfort.
  • The meticulous design was recognised by the world’s leading influential design award, A’ Design Award and Competition in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category.


APPENDIX 2: Safety & Preventive Measures

Applications Disinfection and Sanitising measures Photos
  • Intelligent Sterilisation Robots (ISR) are deployed at AWE to keep the air and object surfaces fully sanitised. This cutting-edge robot is equipped with multiple disinfection modes, including an ultraviolet light steriliser and air filtration (HEPA), which can sterilise up to 99.99 per cent of all bacteria. Its 360-degree autonomous navigation technology and spray-heads help to reach blind spots and ensure complete coverage.
Ozone Water
  • Ozone Water Disinfection System is installed in washrooms and central kitchen. Putting hands under the stream of ozonized water will receive an immediate and efficient disinfecting effect. It also enhances the food safety when preparing meals. Washing fruits and vegetables by ozonized water prevents contamination from chemicals, so as to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the food serving to our visitors.
Air Handling Unit with UV Light
  • Conditioned air will be processed by UV-C light for sterilisation before reaching halls and public areas.
  • All escalators are upgraded with built-in UV sterilisers, providing continuous and efficient sterilisation on handrails whenever it operates, and offering visitors full protection with non-stop and automated sanitisation.
  • Touchless technology is applied to the lift button panel with sensors to detect hand movements. Visitors can control the lifts without physical touch so as to enjoy a touch-free and care-free experience in AWE.
Doors at
  • Installation of Automatic Doors enables completely hands-free which helps reducing the chances of transmitting virus.

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