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10 Aug 2022

Superstars Event Series revealed at AsiaWorld-Expo

Set to take place throughout the summer, AsiaWorld-Expo partners MTR to provide “$47 Airport Express Limited Offer”

(10 August 2022, Hong Kong) AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) will play host to a number of exhilarating events this summer, featuring Hong Kong celebrities and home-grown local musical talent, large-scale concerts, an all-star basketball jam, a long-awaited yearly music awards event, plus a shopping festival and significant exhibitions, all taking place from 12 August to 30 September 2022. AsiaWorld-Expo will welcome thousands of visitors to this exciting roster of music, entertainment, shopping and arts programs, with something for everyone this summer – and to make it easier for people to come and enjoy the many activities, AWE and MTR have teamed up to introduce the "$47 Airport Express Limited Offer" for same day return trip which allows event-goers to travel comfortably and quickly from Hong Kong Station to AWE in only 28 minutes. Now there’s no reason for missing your favourite must-see shows this summer season at AWE!

Superstars Event Series at AsiaWorld-Expo: kicking off a program of extraordinary events

Music Festivals & Shows

This summer, AsiaWorld-Expo is welcoming a number of exciting activities. Kicking off the action-packed season is the “852FES Awaken Festival”, which will take place in the coming weekend that combines the best of local music, culture, lifestyle and art. The standout attraction along with the festival will be “852FES Awaken Music: Kay Tse x Charmaine Fong”, marking the first-ever collaboration between two Cantopop Stars.

Besides, there are three other major events lined-up in the first week of September as part of the summer-long program including “Katch presents Music is Live Joyce Cheng x Anson Lo KKday ride with Music”, a collaboration featuring the stunning performances of two great artists, which is another headliner for AWE this summertime. Bringing together the powerful dancing and megahits of Joyce Cheng and Anson Lo, the show will be marked in the calendar of music fans across Hong Kong!

Katch presents 903 Music Green Sonic Brand New Live KKday Explore New Vibe”, will feature 16 new acts in an extraordinary display of musical creativity and expressive live performances across a kaleidoscope of styles and genres.

On the 17th of September, The 4th KKBOX Hong Kong Music Awards - TUNE IN HERE will present awards to Hong Kong’s most popular singers. The show will welcome everyone to a celebration of live music by local performers, representing a testimony to the inherent musical characteristics of HK’s emerging music scene, and a new generation of talents and voices.

The summer events program will also showcase the “Katch Presents 903 AllStar Basketball Jam”, a hotly-anticipated basketball throwdown competition in which prominent DJs and singers will compete in a live display of athleticism, strength and feats of teamwork, challenging their flexibility, air-time and prowess before the hoop!

Shopping Festivals, Tech, Art & Culture Expos

Visitors can experience the largest standalone shopping festival featured in the programme, the “2022 Hong Kong Brands & Products Shopping Festival”, with about 350 booths spanning 4 exhibition zones showcasing a wide spectrum of quality products, as well as hosting live entertainment activities to engage audiences and show off the latest product lines and exclusives. Meanwhile, for those interested in technology or art, AsiaWorld-Expo is proud to introduce both the “Revive Tech Asia” and “Belt & Road National Art & Culture Expo/The 4th Hong Kong International Arts & Collectibles Expo,” which respectively provide visitors opportunities to learn about the latest technological trends, as well as discover cultural treasures; the latter providing a chance to satisfy the thirst for cultural adventure, while exploring a multitude of diverse exhibitors and their collectibles, products and exquisite art pieces from their native countries. (Appendix 1 for Event Overview)

AsiaWorld-Expo collaborates with MTR to provide “$47 Airport Express Limited Offer”

It takes visitors only 28 minutes by Airport Express to travel from Hong Kong Station to AsiaWorld-Expo, offering visitors a seamless travel experience that is comfortable, efficient and affordable. What’s more, from 12 August to 30 September 2022, AsiaWorld-Expo is partnering with MTR to provide a "$47 Airport Express Limited Offer" to all visitors travelling to AsiaWorld-Expo Station, as follows:
$47 Airport Express Limited Offer
Special Fare for Same Day Return Trip (To AsiaWorld-Expo Station)
Airport Express Station
Journey Time Free MTR Connections


Hong Kong Station^ 28 mins
Kowloon Station^ 25 mins N/A
Tsing Yi Station# 18 mins Free Ride between
Airport Express Tsing Yi Station and all MTR stations
^ The Exclusive Fare on Event Days (same-day return) can be redeemed with an event proof-of-entry and Octopus at the designated counters at Hong Kong Station, Kowloon Station (located on Level 2 - To Airport / AsiaWorld-Expo Departure Concourse) or AsiaWorld-Expo Station.
# Passengers must use the same Octopus to travel to and from AsiaWorld-Expo on the same day and stay at AsiaWorld-Expo for more than one hour between exiting and re-entering the station ticket gate. The Octopus Single Journey fare will be deducted when entering the system. Fare rebate will be automatically credited to the Octopus at the end of the return journey.

Enrol in AsiaWorld-Club to enjoy the full rewards experience at AsiaWorld-Expo

Beyond the remarkable event series and transportation discount, AsiaWorld-Expo has developed its mobile app to allow visitors to check out the latest news, as well as receive exclusive deals and rewards. By taking a few easy steps to become an AsiaWorld-Club member for free, event participants will have access to special offers, such as all-day free Wi-Fi in public areas, a 20% discount on Chinese fine dining restaurant NUVA and excellent international food options available at Arena Kitchen. AsiaWorld-Club members also receive unique privileges and souvenirs at events throughout the event calendar. Enrol now by scanning the below QR code to enjoy AWEsome offers today!

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Appendix 1:Event overview during the promotion of “$47 Airport Express Limited Offer”

Time Event
12-14 Aug, 2022 852 FES Awaken Festival
13-14 Aug, 2022 852 FES Awaken Music Kay Tse x Charmaine Fong
24-25 Aug, 2022 Revive Tech Asia
3 Sep, 2022 Katch Presents 903 AllStar Basketball Jam
6 Sep, 2022 Katch presents “Music is Live Joyce Cheng x Anson Lo”
KKday ride with Music
9 Sep, 2022 Katch presents “903 Music Green Sonic Brand New Live”
KKday Explore New Vibe
9-12 Sep, 2022 2022 Hong Kong Brands & Products Shopping Festival
17 Sep, 2022 The 4th KKbox Hong Kong Music Awards-”TUNE IN HERE”
23-25 Sep, 2022 Belt & Road National Art & Culture Expo/
The 4th Hong Kong International Arts & Collectibles Expo

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