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21 Nov 2023

AWE and KINTEX sign Strategic Partnership Agreement, Generating synergies to promote the MICE industry in the Asia-Pacific region

AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) and Korea International Exhibition Centre (KINTEX) have recently signed the “Agreement On Strategic Partnership And Cooperation Between AsiaWorld-Expo Management Ltd And Korea International Exhibition Centre”. The agreement aims to deepen collaboration between these two internationally renowned conference and exhibition venues, with the ultimate goal to promote the development of the MICE industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

The MOU Signing Ceremony took place on November 14th at KINTEX in Seoul, South Korea. Irene Chan, CEO of AsiaWorld-Expo, and Jae Yul Lee, CEO of KINTEX, jointly signed the agreement. The event was witnessed by Jack So, Chairman of Airport Authority Hong Kong, and Jae Won Lyu, Vice Chairman of KINTEX.

Irene Chan, CEO of AsiaWorld-Expo, and Jae Yul Lee, CEO of KINTEX, jointly signed the agreement.
The agreement encompasses various key areas of collaboration, including active exchange of business development strategies, exploration of potential business opportunities and marketing strategies, enhancement of employee training in both venues, and arrangement of reciprocal site visits. By leveraging the extensive experience and local expertise of both professional teams, AsiaWorld-Expo and KINTEX are committed to promoting expo and cultural events with joint effort and cross-city power of alliance. The collaboration aims to generate synergies in the economic and trade development of the Asia-Pacific region, leading to mutual benefits for both cities.

Irene Chan, CEO of AsiaWorld-Expo, stated, "AWE has maintained close cooperation with the exhibition and entertainment industries in Korea, having successfully hosted numerous remarkable exhibitions and concerts which attracted a large number of international visitors. This signing ceremony marks a new chapter in our cooperation, facilitating communication among industry professionals, expanding the scale of conference and exhibition activities in both cities, promoting business and incentive travel, and attracting more large-scale international and regional events. Leveraging our strategic location in the heart of the Greater Bay Area, AWE is committed to fostering the thriving development of the MICE industry in the Asia-Pacific region."

AsiaWorld-Expo rolled out comprehensive facility upgrades with HKD$1 billion to enhance the venue’s competitiveness.

Hi-res photos can be downloaded via this link.

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