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30 Jan 2024

AsiaWorld-Expo Actively Supports "Sustainable Seafood Week"

Promoting Sustainable Development with Event Organisers and Environmental Organisations

AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) is a highly popular exhibition, conference, and banquet venue, hosting large-scale events that can attract up to 100,000 visitors. The venue's AsiaWorld-Summit is Hong Kong’s largest column-free indoor convention and hospitality hall, frequently chosen for corporate dinners and spring gatherings of nearly 5,000 attendees. Given the significant food consumption during these events, AWE is proudly supporting the "Sustainable Seafood Week" advocated by the World Wide Fund for Nature in Hong Kong (WWF-Hong Kong). AWE’s active promotion of sustainability in its catering services is yet another facet of its commitment to corporate social responsibility in all aspects of its business.
This year's "Sustainable Seafood Week" runs from 20 to 28 January, which coincides with the peak season for corporate annual dinners. AWE is proactively recommending that all event organisers use sustainable seafood, and is collaboratively initiating a campaign of public education to raise awareness of this important issue. AWE’s Chinese fine-dining restaurant "NUVA" and its international restaurant "Arena Kitchen" have both introduced sustainable menus offering diners a diverse choice of locally sourced sustainable seafood, as well as ethically-sourced seafood imported by certified suppliers.

AECOM held its Annual Dinner on 26 January at AWE with over 300 tables for nearly 4,000 employees

In terms of seafood consumption per capita, Hong Kong is currently the third highest in Asia. This substantial demand for seafood has far-reaching consequences for the oceans, which is why WWF-Hong Kong organises its annual "Sustainable Seafood Week" to raise public awareness of sustainable seafood and encourage everyone to make more environmentally-friendly dining choices.

Sustainable Dining Options at AWE Help to Promote Environmental Conservation

AWE places great importance on sustainable development and, in collaboration with various stakeholders, has been supporting the conservation events of WWF-Hong Kong since 2015. AWE is also participating in the WWF-Hong Kong “Sustainable Seafood Business Membership Programme” since 2023. During the "Sustainable Seafood Week", AWE’s Chinese fine dining restaurant "NUVA" and the international restaurant "Arena Kitchen" have both introduced sustainable menus based on the "WWF Seafood Guide".

These sustainable menus offer a variety of dishes prepared using sustainable seafood options such as halibut from Canada, sea bass from Australia, scallops from Canada, tiger prawns from India, and more. The chefs at the restaurants have skilfully created delicious and visually appealing dishes that are sure to delight food enthusiasts, ensuring that environmental conservation is also a delightful culinary experience.

During the "Sustainable Seafood Week", NUVA and Arena Kitchen at AsiaWorld-Expo have both introduced sustainable menus based on the "WWF Seafood Guide".

AECOM’s Annual Dinner featured a menu of sustainable seafood

AWE Collaborates with Event Organisers and WWF to Raise Public Awareness

During the popular season of corporate banquets and spring gatherings in the first quarter of the year, AWE hosts many large-scale banquets attended by thousands of guests, resulting in a significant consumption of seafood. To support the "Sustainable Seafood Week", AWE is proudly promoting environmentally-friendly dining choices by proactively advocating for sustainable seafood menus in collaboration with event organisers.

One example of this is AECOM, a multi-disciplinary infrastructure and consulting firm that is trusted globally. AECOM held its Annual Dinner on 26 January at AWE with over 300 tables for nearly 4,000 employees. In line with its sustainable legacies strategy in leading the change towards a more sustainable and equitable future, the feast featured a menu of sustainable seafood. Delectable dishes such as "Braised Abalone and Black Mushroom with Vegetable", "Steamed Whole Sustainable Giant Grouper", "Wok-fried Prawns with Vegetables and Supreme Broth" and "Tossed Jelly Fish" were all prepared using sustainable seafood to minimise the event’s impact on the environment.

WWF-Hong Kong engaged AECOM’s employees with interactive game to enhance their awareness of sustainable seafood.

During the AECOM Annual Dinner, WWF-Hong Kong also set up a booth at the venue, engaging participants with a simple and fun question-and-answer game to enhance their awareness of sustainable seafood. AWE sponsored concert tickets for game winners, helping to further raise awareness of sustainable concepts and encourage citizens to take action in supporting sustainable seafood supply and conservation. This multi-party collaboration is an excellent example of how AWE can work with organisers and environmental organisations to enable meaningful change.

Irene Chan, CEO of AsiaWorld-Expo, stated, "We express our heartfelt gratitude to event organisers and guests for their enthusiastic support of the 'Sustainable Seafood Week’. Together, we are contributing to the important conservation of marine ecosystems, making every event even more meaningful. AWE has always placed great importance on social responsibility and will continue to create social value through world-class events and diverse activities. We remain committed to collaborating with various stakeholders to promote sustainable development in all areas of our business."

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