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The Airport City

Fulfilling The Needs Of A New Generation Of Business

Today, airports have become not only entities to manage the flows of passengers and cargo, but also breeding grounds for much wider networks of interrelated activities and businesses. Such networks, surrounding or radiating from an airport with many functions akin to a city, form a much bigger entity- an Airport City.

As one of the world’s leading airports, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is also undergoing this transformation from a city airport into an Airport City, through the continuous development of the passenger and cargo services, the expansion of cross-boundary multimodal transport network and the growth of commercial and other facilities around the airport.

Under this Airport City vision of HKIA, AsiaWorld-Expo plays a key role in attracting MICE visitors, whilst at the same time, generating exciting happenings and attractions and driving the growth of Hong Kong’s tourism and economic development.