Meet Our People

"Exceed your limits to widen your career horizons"

Stanley Wong
Manager, Venue Operations Planning

Challenges can be daunting, but it is only by exceeding our limits that we can grow and broaden our career horizons. That’s why AsiaWorld-Expo is such a great career option. Running the logistics behind a big event requires many different skills including resources and crowd-flow planning, time management and staff arrangements, as well as excellent communication skills. Working in the Venue Operations Planning Department is both mentally and physically demanding, but the deep sense of satisfaction makes it all worthwhile.

As AsiaWorld-Expo is integrated with Hong Kong International Airport, our plans always need to be holistic. Not only do we have to handle the heavy traffic of the event itself, we also have to take into account the traffic around the airport area to maintain the city’s exceptional connectivity that we are all so proud of.

Prior to joining AWE, I specialised in property management. But over the years at AWE, I have enjoyed invaluable opportunities to learn, broaden my horizons and develop new skills through participating in various event operation works. These have included everything from security to housekeeping, and logistics planning to management. These extensive experiences equipped me with strong planning skills and built my confidence to face different challenges.

Challenges always push one’s boundaries. People may see the down side, but our team members always see the chance of advancement and strive to exceed expectations.