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Preventive measures at AsiaWorld-Expo in response to coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

The business is as usual at AsiaWorld-Expo. In line with the measures taken by the Hong Kong SAR Government against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Hong Kong, and considering the safety of exhibitors, visitors and service users, AsiaWorld-Expo has implemented a number of measures, including:

  • To comply with the latest set of social distancing measures in effect from 25 August 2022 implemented by the Government, all users or customers are required to meet the latest requirements of "Vaccine Pass” and required to use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app and perform temperature check before entering the premises.
    • 1. Person with Red Code are not allowed to enter AWE Areas.
    • 2. Person with Amber Code are not allowed to enter Catering Premises in the capacity of a customer or visitor.
    • 3. Person with Amber Code are allowed to enter places of public entertainment or event premises to visit/attend business-to-business exhibitions or conventions.
    • Exemption from vaccination requirement:
      • 1. Ineligible for vaccination due to age; or
      • 2. Unfit for vaccination due to health reasons with relevant proof from a medical practitioner.
    • Exemption from using “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app and to fill in a specified form as an alternative:
      • 1. Persons aged 65 or above and aged 15 or below;
      • 2. Persons with disability; and
      • 3. Other persons recognised by the Government or organisation(s) authorised by the Government.
  • Provision of hand sanitizer stations at main Entrances, Public Circulated Area, Customer Service Counter and Washrooms,
  • Handrails, doors and handles, lift’s keypads, etc. are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every hour,
  • Washrooms are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every hour. Disposable hand towels and sanitising liquid soap are available at Washrooms,
  • Rubbish bins are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every three hour,
  • With liaison with organiser, temperature measurements are conducted at control points,
  • Staff are required to measure their body temperature daily prior to reporting to duty and wear surgical masks during work,
  • AWE Staff, Organiser's staff, Contractors shall comply to the latest requirements and restrictions on scheduled premises including but not limited to Vaccine Pass Requirement.
  • Organiser’s staff and Contractors are required to measure their body temperature, complete the Declaration Form prior to entering the venue and wear surgical masks during work,
  • Advices from the Centre for Health Protection are enacted and on display at main Entrances.

In addition to the above measures, AsiaWorld-Expo has deployed extra solution and devices meeting the highest health standards, please click here for details.

AsiaWorld-Expo is closely monitoring the situation and will follow the guidelines promulgated by Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection for appropriate preventive measures.


Updated on: 25 August 2022