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New Safety & Preventive Measures

NEW! Disinfection Enhancement In Action – Intelligent Sterilisation Robot

To further strengthen the protection of visitors and staff, Intelligent Sterilisation Robot (ISR) is deployed at AsiaWorld-Expo for comprehensive disinfection. The cutting-edge robot is equipped with multiple disinfection modes, featuring ultraviolet light steriliser, 360-degree disinfectant spray-heads and air filtration (HEPA), which can sterilise up to 99.99% of bacteria . Its 360-degree autonomous navigation technology helps to reach blind spots and ensure complete coverage. The ISR will be widely used to sterilise the facilities in AWE, keeping the air and object surfaces fully sanitised.

As a world-class exhibition, convention and events venue, AsiaWorld-Expo always puts the safety of our visitors and staff as our top priority. In order to prevent the spread of diseases, we used different types of innovative disinfection technology in accordance with the characteristics of the venue and different activity scenarios, by using “BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying Technology” in crowded environments and applying "Aegis Intelligence Technology" to strengthen environmental sanitation, so as to provide a safe and reliable venue for events.

Introduction of the world’s first 3-in-1 disinfection installation

AsiaWorld-Expo is the first in the MICE industry to introduce “CLeanTech”, an innovative three-in-one disinfection installation combining a suite of technologies including BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying technology, Aegis Intelligence and negative room pressure design. Subject to organisers’ needs and event scale, such device can be deployed at upcoming major trade exhibitions and conventions. Visitors will be admitted through the device prior entering to event halls. The device door will be opened automatically when visitors passed the built-in temperature checking. After entering CLeanTech, it will help to sanitise outfits and carry-on items of visitors in just 12 seconds and keep them safe.

Adoption of air sanitising and purifying technology

To safeguard visitors’ health and allow staff to work at ease in a hygienic environment, BioEm Air Coolers, using patented air sanitising and purifying liquid with natural ingredients, are now deployed in AWE office to eliminate bacteria and virus in the air and harmful substances attached on objects. Such practice will be extended to Organiser Offices in accordance to users’ need.

Application of "Aegis Intelligence" to sanitise venue facilities

We have also introduced "Aegis Intelligence" for facilities that visitors often come into contact with. Aegis Intelligence is remarkable for its physical puncture sterilisation and photocatalyst disinfection and is used to purify venue facilities such as on doors and door handles at major entrances, escalator handrails, washrooms and chairs in restaurant. It can eliminate potentially dangerous microbes on objects with a long durability of up to 12 months. These safeguards help protect our frontline staff and reduce the need for frequent manual work, while also reducing reliance on traditional sanitiser which is now in high demand worldwide.

Elimination of bacteria on the uniforms of frontline staff

In addition to the protection of visitors, AsiaWorld-Expo also cares for the health and safety of the employees and will gradually apply "Aegis Intelligence" to the uniforms of frontline staff.

Other Preventive Measures

  • Provision of hand sanitizer stations at main Entrances, Public Circulated Area, Customer Service Counter and Washrooms,
  • Handrails, doors and handles, lift’s keypads, etc. are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every hour,
  • Washrooms are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every hour. Disposable hand towels and sanitising liquid soap are available at Washrooms,
  • Rubbish bins are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every three hour,
  • With liaison with organiser, temperature measurements are conducted at control points,
  • Staff are required to measure their body temperature daily prior to reporting to duty and wear surgical masks during work,
  • Suspension of overseas & Mainland business trip for AWE Staff,
  • AWE Staff, Organiser's staff, Contractors or any of their family members and close contacts who in the past 14 days had been to countries or regions with quarantine orders issued by Hong Kong’s Department of Health, should inform AWE and self-isolated for 14 days,
  • Organiser’s staff and Contractors are required to measure their body temperature, complete the Declaration Form prior to entering the venue and wear surgical masks during work,
  • Advices from the Centre for Health Protection are enacted and on display at main Entrances.

AsiaWorld-Expo is closely monitoring the situation and will follow the guidelines promulgated by Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection for appropriate preventive measures.

Click here for the press release about our new preventive measures.

About Aegis Intelligence

Aegis Intelligence

  • Aegis Intelligence: Based on Aegis® formulated in the US it has over 40 years of proven contributions to global bacterial safety and microbial control
  • Effectively eliminates bacteria, fungus, mould, formaldehyde, VOC and provides deodorisation
  • Particularly suitable for high-risk areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens
  • Uses cooperative photocatalytic technology to actively attack viruses and bacteria attached to objects using sunlight or light, with lasting protective effects of up to 12 months
  • Uses double sterilisation technology for improved efficacy and protection against a range of bacteria
(1) Physical sterilisation
  • The bactericides used are distinctly different from general chemical poisoning methods
  • Unique physical puncture sterilisation
  • Prevents bacteria from building up resistance for potent and continued sterilisation
(2) Photocatalytic technology
  • Photocatalysts work for 24 hours
  • Eliminates bacteria, indoor formaldehyde, and other harmful volatile organic compounds (thinners, etc.) under sunlight or artificial light
  • The effect provides lasting protection for up to 12 months for powerful and continuous disinfection
  • Non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly, with international certification, and has passed toxicity testing by US EPA. Ingredients approved by FDA and China FDA. Obtained safety and environmental protection verification in many developed countries, America, Canada, Japan, EU, etc.

About BioEm

BioEm innovative 3D Hunting Method

  • The components of BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying Liquid are mainly extracted from natural plant (Mentha Spicata, Arteannuin, Matrine), which can effectively sterilise, disinfect, deodorise and decompose Total Volatile Organic Compounds such as formaldehyde
  • BioEm technology has been tested by the three universities in Hong Kong (including Technology Transfer Company of the University of Hong Kong, and two other well-known universities) and authorities (China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Environment Protection Products and the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center)
  • Long-term inhalation safety test and human skin sensitive test by Hong Kong's well-known universities
  • BioEm was accredited in the 2009 Geneva International Innovation Invention Award

Partial authority certification:

Authority certification (1)
Testing Organisation Versitech Limited (The Technology Transfer Company of the University of Hong Kong)
Test Tested according to the British Standards procedures for five kinds of microorganisms, BioEm Air Sanitising & Purifying Liquid is confirmed as effective against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, Legionella Pneumophila, Human Influenza Virus (H3N2), Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) and SARS Coronavirus
Test results For the above five kinds of microbes, a kill rate of up to 99.99% has been observed
Authority certification (2)
Testing Organisation A well-known university in Hong Kong
Test Demonstrated efficacy for bacteria types tested after BioEm treatment. Among them are:  Bacillus Subtilis, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Neisseria Sicca, Staphylococcus Epidermidis, Penicillium Chrysogenum, Cladosporium Sp., Alternaria Sp, Aspergillus Niger
Test results For the above microbes, a kill rate of up to 99.99% has been observed.
Authority certification (3)
Testing Organisation A well-known university in Hong Kong
Test Tested according to the EN 1276:1997 British Standards procedures for five kinds of microorganisms, BioEm Air Sanitising & Purifying Liquid is confirmed as effective against Shigella Flexneri, Vibrio Cholerae, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli.
Test results For the above five kinds of microbes, a kill rate of up to 100% has been observed. (The kill rate of Salmonella Typhimurium is over 99.99%).