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Safety & Preventive Measures

As a world-class exhibition, convention and events venue, AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) always puts the safety of our visitors and staff as our top priority. In order to prevent the spread of diseases, we apply multi-faceted approach and use different types of intelligent and innovative disinfection technology for various touch points and scenario. At the forefront of the industry, AWE also embarked on a series of facility upgrade projects smartly integrated with automation, ensuring comprehensive sanitising and all-rounded infection control along the visiting journey.


Adoption of Air Sanitising and Purifying Technology

To better safeguard visitors’ health and allow staff to work at ease in a hygienic environment, Air handling unit with UV light is installed. Conditioned air is processed by UV-C light for sterilisation before reaching halls and public areas.

Application of "Aegis Intelligence" to Sanitise Venue Facilities

We have also introduced "Aegis Intelligence" for facilities that visitors often come into contact with. Aegis Intelligence is remarkable for its physical puncture sterilisation and photocatalyst disinfection and is used to purify venue facilities such as wall surfaces and fixtures in restaurants. It can eliminate potentially dangerous microbes on objects with a long durability of up to 12 months. These safeguards help protect our frontline staff and reduce the need for frequent manual work, while also reducing reliance on traditional sanitiser.

Click here for more information about Aegis Intelligence and BioEm.


Intelligent Sterilisation Robot

To further strengthen the protection of visitors and staff, Intelligent Sterilisation Robot (ISR) is deployed at AsiaWorld-Expo for comprehensive disinfection. The cutting-edge robot is equipped with multiple disinfection modes, featuring ultraviolet light steriliser, 360-degree disinfectant spray-heads and air filtration (HEPA), which can sterilise up to 99.99% of bacteria. Its 360-degree autonomous navigation technology helps to reach blind spots and ensure complete coverage. The ISR will be widely used to sterilise the facilities in AWE, keeping the air and object surfaces fully sanitised.

UV Sanitised Escalator

Keeping frequently touched facilities free from virus and bacteria is of utmost importance to infection control, all AWE escalators are upgraded with built-in UV sterilisers, providing continuous and efficient sterilisation on handrails whenever it operates, and offering visitors full protection with non-stop and automated sanitisation.

Touchless Lift Buttons

To facilitate a safe and convenient event journey, touchless technology is applied to the lifts at AsiaWorld-Expo. Sensors have been installed on the button panels inside and outside the lift which can detect visitors’ hand movements. Visitors can control the lifts without physical touching so as to enjoy a touch-free and care-free experience in AWE.

Auto Door

To minimise virus transmission, automatic doors at main entrance allow visitors entering AWE completely hands-free and virus-free.

Ozone Water Disinfection System

Ozone Water Disinfection System is installed in washrooms and central kitchen as an alternative to traditional alcohol-based or soap-and-water disinfection. Putting hands under the stream of ozonized water can provide an immediate and efficient disinfecting effect to ensure the surface clean and sanitised. It also enhances the food safety when preparing meals. Washing fruits and vegetables by ozonized water prevents contamination from chemicals, so as to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the food serving to our visitors.

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AsiaWorld-Expo is the first Performance Venue (including its dining outlets) in Hong Kong being certified in the “Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification Scheme” by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA).

Other Preventive Measures

  • Provision of hand sanitizer stations at main Entrances, Public Circulated Area, Customer Service Counter and Washrooms.
  • Handrails, doors and handles, lift’s keypads, etc. are disinfected by disinfectant agent every two hours.
  • Washrooms are disinfected by disinfectant agent every two hours. Disposable hand towels and sanitising liquid soap are available at Washrooms.
  • Rubbish bins are disinfected by disinfectant agent every three hours.