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With its serene 180-degree sea views, NUVA offers the perfect setting for a sophisticated fine dining experience. Under the leadership of its talented chefs, NUVA’s menu is a celebration of authentic Cantonese cuisine, including signature dishes such as the traditional Shunde delicacy of “Golden Chicken” (Baked Barbecued Pork with Thin Sliced Pork Fat and Chicken Liver).

Join us on a stunning culinary journey, where past and present meet in impeccable new style; a luxurious oasis where superb food is complemented by a carefully curated selection of contemporary artworks.

Inspired by its tranquil sea views, the design concept of NUVA is to blend in gentle sea breeze and beautiful clouds into symbolic elements, mirroring the natural splendour to poetry elegance and artisanal ambience. The remarkable décor won NUVA the Gold Award in the Restaurant category at the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite 2019/2020.

The Story of NUVA

NUVA is inspired from the word Nubivagant, which originated from Latin words “nubes” (cloud) & “vagant” (wandering) to mean wandering in the clouds.

More meticulous details are reflected in NUVA’s elegant logo. Inspired by a traditional Chinese knot, which is an age-old symbol of joy and good fortune in Chinese culture, the logo embodies the restaurant’s Chinese name (澐.NUVA) while also representing the timeless beauty of waves and clouds. 

With a spectacle view, artisanal cuisine and beautiful moments, dining at NUVA is sure to be a breath-taking experience. 


Arts in NUVA

Embark on a sensational creative journey at NUVA, where every day is a celebration of timeless artistry. In collaboration with acclaimed galleries and artists, both locally and worldwide, NUVA complements its menu of exquisite cuisine with the sensory pleasures of exceptional artworks. This exclusive showcase is refreshed throughout the year to ensure that the dining experience at NUVA always inspires and delights.

The spell-binding geometry of clouds

NUVA’s inaugural exhibition is held in collaboration with Hong Kong’s Red Chamber Gallery and renowned artist Peter Yuill.

Peter specially created three spectacular paintings for NUVA, namely “Stranger in a Strange Land”, “Cymbaline” and “Unity”. Each of these dramatic artworks perfectly embodies the elegance of NUVA, while also expressing its contemporary personality and meticulous attention to detail.

Having grown up in Canada, Peter has always been surrounded by wilderness, and feels a deep connection to nature and the cosmos. This profundity is reflected in his artworks, which embrace geometry and lines to present the eternal balance between black and white, dark and light, yin and yang. Peter draws every angle, arc and node by hand without the aid of any computer software or compass, making his artworks objects of exceptional craftsmanship and beauty that are highly prized by collectors.

About Peter Yuill

Peter was born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1984. He graduated from Sheridan College in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration in 2009. A winner of the American Illustration 27 Chosen Award, his clients include five-star hotels, luxury shopping malls and iconic office buildings. Peter has launched numerous solo exhibitions, and his work is now widely sought-after by art lovers.

A ceramic tribute to the grace and beauty of clouds

“Floating Clouds and Flowing Water” is the latest ceramic artwork by acclaimed ceramist Liu Jung-Hui, whose artworks are highly esteemed for integrating traditional techniques with contemporary forms and aesthetics.

This passion for balancing tradition and modernity is perfectly expressed in “Floating Clouds and Flowing Water”, which comprises 10 different ceramic elements in various colours to capture clouds’ ever-changing beauty. Its elegant artistry is matched by its remarkable versatility, enriching the dining experience both as a table centrepiece and eye-catching wall art.

About Liu Jung-Hui

Born in Taipei in 1972, Liu majored in ceramics at Xie-He High School and apprenticed under renowned ceramist Liu Wei-ren. His avant-garde work has been widely recognised and won a number of leading ceramic awards, including the Taiwan Ceramics Gold Award for Theme, and Merit Award for Creativity. His craftsmanship has also been honoured internationally with accolades from the 22nd Japanese New Crafts Exhibition and the International Golden Ceramics Awards. Liu has exhibited his work widely, both in joint and sole exhibitions.



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