2018 MAMAMOO CONCERT 4season s/s in HONG KONG

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02 September 2018 ( Sun)

Event Information

(Traditional Chinese version only)

MAMAMOO(韓語:마마무)原屬WA Entertainment旗下的四人女子音樂團體,2015年經紀公司與 Rainbow Bridge World (簡稱RBW)合併,成員有頌樂、玟星、輝人及華莎。「MAMA」是不論種族或國家的所有初生嬰兒學會的第一句詞彙,而「MOO」為嬰兒牙牙學語時發出的擬聲詞,意即MAMAMOO期望為大眾帶來超越國籍性別,且展現原始以及本能性的音樂。

MAMAMOO於2014年6月19日正式透過M Countdown以歌曲《Mr.曖昧模糊》出道,官方粉絲名為「MOO MOO」,官方應援物為蘿蔔造型手燈「MOO棒」(蘿蔔韓文為무,音似Moo),代表色為綠白相間。

2017年10月,MAMAMOO開始進行《2017 MAMAMOO Purple Party》海外巡迴見面會,與海外的粉絲見面。2017年10月1日,MAMAMOO首次在台北國際會議中心舉辦海外首場《2017 MAMAMOO Purple Party in Taiwan》,另於10月2日到香港九龍灣國際展貿中心3號展貿廳舉行《MAMAMOO 1ST Party in Hong Kong》。10月22日,MAMAMOO前往日本東京舉辦《2017 MAMAMOO Purple Party in TOKYO》。

10月28日,於首爾舉辦《2017 MAMAMOO FAN MEETING "MOO LUCK MOO LUCK PICNIC"》,同時也是官方2期粉絲會的創團式,並號稱是MAMAMOO出道以來規模最大的一次粉絲見面會。

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Admission Arrangement

Arrangement for all 

  • Audiences are encouraged not to bring bags to the concert. Express entry lines are available for audiences not carrying bags.
  • All audiences are required to go through handheld metal detector checking before entering the event hall.
  • All audiences are required to wear a security wristband for crowd and contingency management.
  • For audience who would like to re-enter the venue, please present the token, together with the original concert admission ticket and wristband to our security staff. All three items are needed when re-entering and only the same person would allow for each token, concert ticket and wristband. AWE reserves the right to add or revise the admission procedures.      

The arrangement above will be subject to change as the case may be. AsiaWorld-Expo Management Ltd. reserves the right to amend the arrangement without prior notice. 

Ticket Price

Seated: $1480 / $1280 / $880

Wheelchair: $880


Ticket sales

(Public sale starts from 31 July 2018, 10:00am onwards): Tickets are only available at Cityline booking hotline and website. For booking, please call (852)2111-5333 or visit  www.cityline.com

After 31 July 2018, unsold tickets are also available at all Cityline outlets.

Important Notice

For your own safety and that of other audience:   

  • Unauthorised photography, filming or recording is strictly prohibited in the event hall. Bag searches will be conducted prior to entering the event hall. Bags bigger than the dimensions of 38 cm X 30 cm X 20 cm (15 inches X 12 inches X 8 inches) as well as all professional cameras, video/ voice recorders, stools, folded chairs are not allowed in the event hall. Please place restricted article(s) at the Concierge or self-service lockers at the Ground Floor Level.
  • For safety reason, selfie stick is prohibited in AsiaWorld-Expo;
  • Age limit: 3 or above;
  • Smoking is prohibited in AsiaWorld-Expo;
  • No outside food and beverage is allowed in AsiaWorld-Expo; 
  • No glass bottles are allowed inside the event hall;
  • Selling or distributing unauthorized merchandise or other items is strictly prohibited within AsiaWorld-Expo premises;
  • No standing on chairs;
  • No fireworks, pyro and laser device allowed;
  • No ticket scalping.

Luggage Storage