Maaya Sakamoto LIVE TOUR 2018 “ALL CLEAR” in Hong Kong

24 March 2018 ( Sat)

Event Information

Maaya Sakamoto, the famous Japanese female singer who sang numerous big hit animation songs, is eventually going to hold her first overseas concert tour! “Maaya Sakamoto LIVE TOUR 2018 “ALL CLEAR” in Hong Kong” will be held at AsiaWorld-Expo Runway 11 on 24 March 2018 (Sat)! Maaya Sakamoto is coming to Hong Kong together with her band, bringing her hit songs to the fans who have been waiting for a long time. This may be the chance of a life time, don’t miss it!

Maaya Sakamoto’s tie-up includes:

・約束はいらない (TV Animation『The Vision of Escaflowne』OP)

・Gift (TV Animation『CLAMP School Detectives』ED)

・奇跡の海 (TV Animation『Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight』OP)

・プラチナ (TV Animation『Cardcaptor Sakura』OP3)

・指輪 (Movie『Escaflowne』Theme Song)

・ヘミソフィア (TV Animation『RahXephon』OP)

・gravity (TV Animation『WOLF'S RAIN』ED)

・tune the rainbow (Movie『RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio』Theme Song)

・ループ (TV Animation『Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle』1st Season ED)

・風待ちジェット (TV Animation『Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle』2nd Season ED)

・トライアングラー (TV Animation『Macross F』OP)

・雨が降る (TV Animation『Linebarrels of Iron』ED)

・マジックナンバー (TV Animation『KOBATO.』OP)

・DOWN TOWN (TV Animation『And Yet the Town Moves』OP)

・Buddy (TV Animation『Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-』OP)

・おかえりなさい (TV Animation『Tamayura: Hitotose』OP)

・モアザンワーズ (Movie『Code Geass: Akito the Exiled』Theme Song)

・はじまりの海 (TV Animation『Tamayura: More Aggressive』OP)

・レプリカ (TV Animation『M3 the dark metal』OP2)

・幸せについて私が知っている5つの方法 (TV Animation『Gourmet Girl Graffiti』OP)

・色彩 (Smartphone Game『Fate/Grand Order』Theme Song and TV Animation『Fate/Grand Order -First Order-』OP)

・Million Clouds (TV Animation『Amanchu!』OP)


Official Homepage of Maaya Sakamoto:

Official homepage of Promoter “ED Production”:

Keyword of Promoter’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Plurk and Sina Weibo: edproductionhk


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Admission Arrangement

Arrangement for all 

  • Audiences are encouraged not to bring bags to the concert. Express entry lines are available for audiences not carrying bags.
  • All audiences are required to go through handheld metal detector checking before entering the event hall.
  • All audiences are required to wear a security wristband for crowd and contingency management.
  • For audience who would like to re-enter the venue, please present the token, together with the original concert admission ticket and wristband to our security staff. All three items are needed when re-entering and only the same person would allow for each token, concert ticket and wristband. AWE reserves the right to add or revise the admission procedures.      

Ticket Price

Seated: $1280 / $980 / $780 

Wheelchair: $780

Ticket sales

Public sales starts from from 1 December 2017 at 10am at,Telephone booking hotline at (852)2111-5333 and at Tom Lee, AsiaWorld-Expo, HMV Causeway Bay and MacPherson Box Office.


Important Notice

For your own safety and that of other audience:   

  • Unauthorised photography, filming or recording is strictly prohibited in the event hall. Bag searches will be conducted prior to entering the event hall. Bags bigger than the dimensions of 38 cm X 30 cm X 20 cm (15 inches X 12 inches X 8 inches) as well as all professional cameras, video/ voice recorders, stools, folded chairs are not allowed in the event hall. Please place restricted article(s) at the Concierge or self-service lockers at the Ground Floor Level.
  • For safety reason, selfie stick is prohibited in AsiaWorld-Expo;
  • Age limit: 6 or above;
  • Smoking is prohibited in AsiaWorld-Expo;
  • No outside food and beverage is allowed in AsiaWorld-Expo; 
  • No glass bottles are allowed inside the event hall;
  • As per organizer’s request, all bottles (including glass/ plastic) and cans are not allowed inside AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena;
  • Selling or distributing unauthorized merchandise or other items is strictly prohibited within AsiaWorld-Expo premises;
  • No standing on chairs;
  • No fireworks, pyro and laser device allowed;
  • No ticket scalping.

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